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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

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Sunrise at Aodann today. #nofilterneeded #sunrise #highlands #scottishhighlands #lochsofscotland #lochewe #mountain @kevoruck on Instagram

This week

Ukraine and Russia

  • Stefan Rollnick: Putin’s far-right propaganda network (17 March)
    ‘This report from Lynn PR’s Misinformation Cell provides key insights into how they’re doing it, to help journalists, communicators, campaigners and policymakers in the UK fight back.’
  • MHP Mischief: Spotlight on: communicating around the Russia/ Ukraine crisis (no date)
    ‘We’ve reflected on some of the themes we’ve seen over the last few weeks to help inform thinking around the challenges that the conflict has posed for companies.’
  • Jon Gerlis: “What role does soft power ghave after the guns come out?” (16 March)
    ‘There are three types of power all nations, to some degree, have at their disposal. Military power (what we are seeing Russia employ in the invasion of Ukraine), economic power (what the EU, the USA and others are using in response), and soft power.’
  • Mark Borkowski: Propaganda thrives amid the chaos of Russia’s invasion (15 March)
    ‘This can’t be real. It feels like something from a movie’ – this sentiment has shaped our reactions to the most pivotal events of the 21st century, starting with the surreal, startlingly fictional-seeming images on September 11. In a highly televisual and media-addled culture, do we have the capacity any longer to grapple with the meaning of images?’
  • Vincent Carroll-Bataglino: Brits open doors to Ukrainians under Government sponsorship scheme (15 March)
    ‘A House of Commons petition to waive visa requirements reached 185,229 signatories and was debated by the Petitions Committee yesterday. This, alongside the government’s suggestion that full DBS checks should be carried out on hosts, has caused the Refugee Council to raise concerns too.’
  • Arun Sudhaman, Paul Holmes and Maja Pawinska Sims: The PR Fallout from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine [podcast] (15 March)
    ‘I was seeing ‘boycott Coca-Cola’ hashtags on Twitter for 48 hours before Coca-Cola eventually made a decision [on its operations in Russia]. Do we want to continue making money in Russia or protect our reputation in Western countries?’
  • Dan Slee: HOT TAKES: Following the war in Ukraine on TikTok (14 March)
    ‘As a communicator, I’m struck at how the information war is being played out in real-time on the TikTok video platform.’


Industry / profession

Purpose and ESG

  • Sandra Macleod: Perfect Tense – the investment case for ESG (17 March)
    ‘CFOs and Heads of IR saw the ability to attract and retain top talent as the most important driver of reputation. In the many studies we conduct for clients, we are seeing a growing correlation between a strong, credible ESG strategy and the attractiveness of a company as a place to work.’
  • Lucy Walton: Healthy Impact (no date)
    ‘Over a million people displaced in less than seven days.  Refugees – first from Afghanistan and now Ukraine – forever impacted.  The ‘S’ in ESG has never been more confronting.’

Gender, diversity and wellbeing

Public and third sectors

Politics, public affairs and public sphere 

  • George Thomas, Siân Jones and Dafydd Rees: Welsh Labour in Llandudno 2022 (15 March)
    ‘Starmer used his speech to focus on the contrast in leadership styles between Boris Johnson and Mark Drakeford, heaping praise on the latter and the job he is doing in Wales.’
  • Stuart Thomson: Engaging with government: the charity challenge (15 March)
    ‘Whilst [the report] found that MPs and councillors would like more contact with charities, it was felt that this needed to be tailored. A ‘mass mailing’ approach is rarely, if ever, an effective way to engage.’

Brands, content and creativity

Risk, crisis and reputation

Behaviour and influence

Internal communication

  • Ann Pilkington: Change comms and the problem with positivity (16 March)
    ‘Too often the objective of stakeholder engagement, if indeed an objective has been articulated, is to win the support of stakeholders predominately through the selling of benefits. Of course, every project team wants stakeholders to view the project positively. However, this isn’t always realistic.’
  • Jenni Field: Chaos to calm: Mergers and acquisitions [podcast] (16 March)
    ‘Find the story. There will be a reason for the merger or acquisition and this story has to be told with honesty and integrity. We can’t  make it up.’

Media, digital and technology

  • Andrew Bruce Smith: Page view journalism – tyranny or triumph? (14 March)
    ‘The setting of page view targets on journalists in this way seems to place the entire responsibility for hitting them on the shoulders of the individuals and their stories. In reality, there are a number of factors that determine whether or not an individual story gets significant page views – many of which are not under the control of the journalist.’

Academic and education

  • Stephen Waddington: Meet the first Socially Mobile class of 2022 (15 March)
    ‘The programme is delivered via an online teaching platform and Guild community. It is assessed and certificated independently. Each week, students are required to submit an assignment reflecting on what they’ve learnt, and how they’ll apply it to professional practice.’

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  • Sarah Cockett (Leeds Beckett)


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  • Jasmine Denike (LCC/UAL):
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  • Elena Niculescu (Solent): The role of the reality TV ‘stars’ (16 March)
    ‘A day after International Women’s Day, Kim Kardashian decided to put women on blast by telling them to get up and get to work, in an interview for Variety.’
  • Bethany Gough (Solent): Breaking the gender bias in our society (16 March)
    ‘As I move toward the end of my degree and begin thinking about my working life, I am sure I will be faced with many barriers because of my gender. Unfortunately, because of the historical patriarchal bias I do believe it is harder for women to establish themselves as successful. And when they are successful, they are often criticised for being established or branded as bossy or brash.’
  • Thu Le (Leeds Beckett): PR/ Cultural context CQ- Cultural Intelligence Develop it ASAP to become a successful today-global (12 March)
    ‘Cultural intelligence is defined as the ability to work and communicate efficiently in a cross-cultural environment of two or more different countries.’
  • Jack Cameron-Dolan (Leeds Beckett): Silence Is the new Press Release: How One Game Developer Broke the Internet With Almost No Marketing (no date)
    ‘The lessons this game’s marketing and hype cycle taught are ones that we all can use not only as PR practitioners, but as people who want to inspire, impress and exceed the expectations people have of us.’
  • Sabrina Warsame (Leeds Beckett): The hard truth of outgrowing your friends (13 March)
    ‘Nobody prepares you for your early 20s and how friends start dropping like flies, it’s symbolic really, as things change and life is unpredictable. Your circle is way smaller compared to younger you, however, it’s not all doom and gloom. Sometimes you outgrow those people because you are in different stages of life, and they may find it hard to relate to present you.’
  • Julie Mari (Solent):


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