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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.


It happened this week


  • Maja Pawinska Sims: PRCA Launches Governance Review & Complaints Investigation (19 October)
    ‘In the past month, two agency members – The PR Network and Don’t Cry Wolf – have resigned from the association. The PR Network founders Nicky Regazzoni and George Blizzard, along with Don’t Cry Wolf founder John Brown, have also resigned as PRCA Fellows.’
  • John Brown: We’re out of here PRCA (15 October)
    ‘I have resigned Don’t Cry Wolf from the PRCA. Alongside this, I have resigned from my role as the Chair of the Misinformation in the Climate Crisis group and as a Fellow.’

Purpose, climate and ESG

  • Andrew Adie: Global survey shows public demands action on ESG (20 October)
    ‘Cost of living increases are the greatest concern for the UK public but they still expect the corporate world to lead on ESG and behave like good corporate citizens.’
  • Fraser Schurer-Lewis: Better Business Behaviour (no date)
    If you are planning an IPO sometime in 2023, act like a publicly listed company today.  Embedding good governance systems and controls in advance will cause less of a shock when corporate governance admission requirements are mandatory.’

Consulting, skills and careers

Gender, diversity and wellbeing

Public and third sectors

Politics, public affairs and public sphere 

  • Imogen Shaw: Liz Truss becomes shortest serving UK Prime Minister (20 October)
    ‘Following a politically extraordinary 24 hours in what has been a politically extraordinary six weeks, Liz Truss has resigned after having been in office for only 45 days – the shortest tenure of any UK Prime Minister.’
  • Perry Miller: No way to run a country (20 October)
    ‘Largely retired and mortgage free, the party members who voted for Truss will have avoided the pain so far. But with more than half aged over 60 and the triple lock on pensions rumoured to be abandoned to fill the fiscal black hole, I’m certain we’ll be hearing more.’
  • Connor Whittam: How do you solve a problem like team-Keir? (20 October)
    ‘Good campaigners require good money, and although recently we have seen a party rich in energy and favourable polling, Labour continues to have a serious problem in the purse.’
  • Harry Brown: #TradeTuesday: UK and India – Lights out for trade deal as it misses Diwali deadline (18 October)
    ‘India recently overtook the UK as the world’s fifth-largest economy and currently has no trade deals with the EU or USA.’
  • Jack Shaw: Councils will crumble under Jeremy Hunt’s spending cuts (17 October)
    ‘Across the board public services are on their knees, yet the government’s approach to growth is blind to the crisis engulfing local government.’
  • Stuart Thomson: The environment, reputation and politics [podcast] (16 October)
    ‘Political audiences should be given special attention [in reputation management]. Not only can they bring media attention to an issue, but they can pass new laws, new regulations, and those have a fundamental impact on operations.’ 


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Research, data, measurement and evaluation

Crisis, risk and reputation

  • Ella Minty: The Right Way or The Legal Way? (16 October)
    ‘Does “legal” automatically imply “ethical” and vice versa? Do we – as job holders – have any moral obligations? Should we only be concerned with the legality of our actions?’

Internal communication

Media, digital and technology

  • Jaber Mohamed: Top Tips For Speaking To Health Journalists (no date)
    ‘As Chief Communications Officer at the Department of Health and Social Care for most of the COVID-19 pandemic, I became an expert on health media in the UK and was able to give media training and advice to some of the most recognisable figures from the Downing Street Press Conferences including Matt Hancock, Professor Sir Chris Whitty and Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam.’
  • Dafydd Rees: How the BBC made Britain (18 October)
    ‘A hundred years ago today, the British Broadcasting Company was formed. A month after that, saw the first radio broadcast from a studio just off the Strand in Central London. Five years later the BBC was granted a Royal Charter and became a Corporation.’
  • Simon Lewis and others: Big in Slovenia, the procession, the Queue, & climbing a lamppost (18 October)
    ‘Live television is pretty scary! As communicators, we are trained that preparation for media appearances is everything, but live television is the absolute opposite. Often the time pressure is such that the presenters have very little time to prepare anything other than an introduction and therefore, for a live television interview, you should expect the unexpected.’
  • Dan Slee: WARNING: Your landscape is moving but that’s alright (16 October)
    ‘One comms person I met at CommscampNorth described it that what worked two years ago wasn’t working now and the difficulty wasn’t just getting ahead of that it was bringing the organisation with you, too.’

Academic, education and training

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