This week in PR (23 March)

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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

@brunoamaral on Instagram
@brunoamaral on Instagram

News in brief

  • We were told data was the future of PR. We’ve been assured that dirty tricks was in its past. The Facebook / Cambridge Analytica story combines the two. Many have been telling us to smarten up over data protection; that seems to be the big lesson.
  • CIPR has joined the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) as part of its 2018 ambition to have public relations recognised as a strategic management function.
  • IBM is reviewing its global public relations, and long-term incumbents Ketchum and Text 100 are both out of contention (Holmes Report).


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Thought leaders: Pick of the posts

These are the editor’s pick of posts about public relations this week (focused on the UK, but with a global outlook). Recommendations are welcome to [email protected] or @pr_place

Dark arts, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

Business / profession

  • Aedhmar HynesIBM: Reflection and celebration (22 March)
    ‘Winning IBM was a seminal moment for Text100. We’ve been proud of the work and the relationships that have played an important role in the growth of Text100.’
  • Barri Rafferty and Rob Flaherty: A Remarkable Partnership Comes to an End (21 March)
    ‘Although the decision has been made for this journey to come to an end, we remain immensely proud of the results achieved through working side-by-side with IBM to gain recognition for their differentiators in advanced technology, industry expertise and trust and security.’
  • Alan VanderMolen: Armageddon Has a Happy Ending (20 March)
    ‘I’m not too concerned about the health of holding companies. I am very concerned about what will restore consistent, innovation-led growth to marketing services and, specifically, to PR. I believe the answers will emerge from the “SpaceXs”, not the “WPPs”.’

Careers and skills

Campaigns and creativity

Internal communication

Media and digital

  • Scott Guthrie: How firms are building influencer marketing skills internally (no date)
    ‘There is no centralised repository of influencer marketing information. Instead best practice knowledge is localised and stuck in the heads of those who practice it.’
  • Stephen Waddington: A SEO PR primer (20 March)
    ‘Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about listening to conversations on the web, creating relevant content and building relationships. It’s public relations.’
  • Chris Lee: Asking for Links: The Right and the Wrong (20 March)
    ‘A UK PR agency asked me about this recently. We’ve got all this earned coverage for a client, but some of it isn’t linked, can we ask for a link back?’
  • Rebecca Henderson: What I’ve learnt from filming my first vlog (20 March)
    ‘My best bit of advice would be to take however long you think it’s going to take you and then triple it. At least for the first few vlogs while you find your feet.’
  • Arianne Williams: 7 of the best tools for bloggers (18 March)
    ‘Creating, organising and sharing great content can take time. Here are my top tools for making the whole process easier.’
  • Ste Davies: How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile In 2018 (no date)
    ‘It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with how you use certain tools and platforms like Twitter. But if you’re doing social media the same as you were even just a year then you are probably doing it wrong.’

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Here are two useful resource for PR students:

And here’s our pick of the best posts by those studying public relations and/or aspiring to work in PR.

  • Katya Hamilton-Smith (LCC/UAL): My thoughts on the use of social media in elections (22 March)
    ‘The Media show episode asked whether the Conservative Party could win another election without harnessing social media like the Labour Party.’
  • Orlagh Shanks (Liverpool John Moores): What Makes an Influencer an Influencer? (22 March)
    ‘Did you know, there are people out there, self-employed, being paid thousands of pounds just for a post on Instagram? ‘
  • Annie Shivers (Ulster): 3 of the most iconic PR stunts of all time (22 March)
    ‘Seemingly the truly iconic PR stunts of all time took place 50+ years ago!’
  • Sam Sparks (Greenwich): Creativity in PR (21 March)
    ‘When venturing out into a creative career you must be aware of four different elements which will benefit your creativity and career growth.’
  • Jessica Pardoe (Liverpool John Moores): Why it’s time to Ditch the Insta-Envy (20 March)
    ‘The discover page is a haven for the biggest names on instagram, but for many it can result in major self doubts.’
  • Hannah Martin (Ulster): Nothing is perfect (20 March)
    ‘I had to be pinned down by a few nurses, endured six months of a severe addiction to Carmex and six cringe worthy pregnancy tests in front of my mum.’
  • Rosie Heaton (Leeds Beckett): Tired of being tired (18 March)
    ‘More often that not I choose to apply an extra layer of makeup, stay quiet and troop on.’
  • Molly Hare (Leeds Beckett): Independence vs. loneliness at university (18 March)
    All of a sudden, it may start to hit home that uni isn’t a summer camp and you have to survive alone, without the usual cocoon of friends and family. So, are you feeling completely free and independent, or are you dreading the thought of being by yourself?’
  • Niuma Ugail (Leeds Beckett): Creative Campaign; Virgin Trains #Avocard (17 March)
    ‘You can get cheaper train tickets if you show up at the station with an avocado. And this is real.’
  • Jason Ashford (Ulster): Let it snow (17 March)
    The “snowflake” generation aren’t avoiding hearing ideas they don’t like, if anything they’re inundated with them.’