This week in PR (25 June)

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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

A classic @davidjmclare89 on Instagram
A classic @davidjmclare89 on Instagram

It happened this week

Academic and education

ESG, corporate and financial

Consulting, teams and careers

Wellbeing, gender and diversity

  • Dan Jones: Mental wellbeing and resilience (24 June)
    ‘I was struck at 2021’s PRFest how often the subject of mental health came up in our conversations. Our industry has shown incredible flexibility in adapting to the changes and challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.’

Public and third sectors

Politics, public affairs and public sphere

  • Carmen Bell, Julian Graham and Jasmin Gabel: Constructive Tension: Resetting Transatlantic Relations under Biden (21 June)
    ‘Biden’s address to the Munich Security Conference earlier this year revolved around his willingness to not only restore American global leadership, but recognise Europe as a key player standing alongside him.’
  • Laura Sears: Is renting the new buying? (21 June)
    ‘New research from agents Hamptons has revealed that it’s cheaper to rent a home than it is to buy one, with the average tenant paying £1,054 a month compared to the £1,125 repayment made by an average first-time buyer with a 10% deposit.’
  • Liam Baker: Marx, Engels, Lenin… Southgate? (21 June)
    ‘In reality, football has always been political. It is a game that has provided the battleground for ethnic and religious sectarianism, been used to embarrassingly signal the authenticity of major politicians (David Cameron’s confusion between Aston Villa and West Ham comes to mind), and nearly had one of its own – Brian Clough – become a Labour candidate in the 1980s.’
  • Jordan Mullan: The future of Stormont looks increasingly uncertain (18 June)
    ‘The surreal nature of the last few weeks even makes the potential return of Arlene Foster as First Minister a distant prospect – that really would be a political comeback like no other.’

Campaigns, creativity and behaviour

Internal communication

    • Rachel Miller and Jenni Field: A clear line of sight – understanding the role of the line manager (23 June)
      ‘There are 12 takeaways in the full report but the four big themes that emerged were: gaps in communication skills, matrix management impacts line manager happiness and engagement, the need to enable line manager autonomy (not just empowerment), and a requirement for the quality of content from internal communication teams to be improved.’

Technology, media and digital

  • Nicole Mezzasalma: How to get started on Twitter Spaces (24 June)
    ‘Launched to a very small test group in November, Spaces has slowly but surely evolved over the last few months to become a true contender in the social audio field.’
  • Ana Mendoza: Instagram algorithm: how it works and how to beat it (no date)
    ‘To give users a personalised experience, Instagram ranks content through machine learning based on your past behaviour, resulting in each user seeing a different timeline, even if you follow the same accounts.’