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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

Photo @thinkinspiredo on Instagram
Photo @thinkinspiredo on Instagram

News in brief

  • The 2017 CIPR conference heard Vodafone’s Matt Peacock discuss the social purpose of business – which became a key theme for the event. See below for various reports from conference attendees.
  • The PRCA has published an online mental health toolkit for PR practitioners.
  • The CIPR Inside group has published a report into the strategic value and effectiveness of internal communication.
  • Fake news’ has been named ‘word of the year’ by dictionary publisher Collins (despite being a phrase).


  • The Company of Public Relations Practitioners is hosting a discussion between Lord Chadlington and Lord Bell on Tuesday 7 November.
  • The World Public Relations Forum 2018 is in Oslo, 22-24 April 2018. Here’s the call for papers.
  • International History of Public Relations Conference is in Bournemouth, 11-12 July 2018. Deadline for the call for papers is 18 December 2017 (email
  • FuturePRoof Edition 3 will focus on the NHS at 70. Details to follow.

Pick of the posts

These are the editor’s pick of posts about public relations this week. Recommendations are welcome to

  • Rachel Picken: Please look after this brain: Me, myself and mental health (30 October)
    ‘I NEED my brain to function for work. People pay me for my strategic insight and ability to get right to the nub of an issue, as well as my creativity, problem solving and general ability to move mountains to make amazing things happen.’
  • Michael White: Are companies struggling to tell a visual story? (31 October)
    ‘There is a third shock from the report that hasn’t yet become a headline; for agencies Instagram use is down 12% and Snapchat is down 6%.’
  • Marcel Klebba: Highlights from the CIPR National Conference 2017 (1 November)
    ‘Director of Comms for the NHS Digital, Rachel Royall, got up the stage, saying that she has the best job in the world.’
  • Stephen Waddington: How to listen (1 November)
    ‘I often pick up the phone in response to an email. It genuinely surprises people but it’s typically the quickest and easiest way of resolving issues.’
  • Laura Sutherland: Aura turns nine – nine things I’ve learned along the way (1 November)
    ‘Although I’ve worked in public relations for nearly 17 years, you never stop learning. I find it stimulating to review and revise what I do and learn better and more effective ways of working..’
  • Johanna Fawkes: ‘Post truth’ PR

    1 November
    ‘Donald Trump has torn up all the rules of standard public relations. We used to say: Do not lie, particularly about numbers. Few people care: that’s what’s changed.’

  • Darryl Sparey: The CIPR National Conference: A masterclass in corporate purpose from global brands (1 November)
    ‘[The conference] was actually an invigorating masterclass in corporate purpose and social responsibility.’
  • Stuart Bruce: How PR measurement can improve public health (1 November)
    ‘The most important stage of measurement and evaluation is before you start. It’s when you set the communications objectives.’
  • Rachel Miller: What do CEOs think of internal communication? (2 November)
    ‘The research delivers an upbeat assessment of the practice, with senior leaders demonstrating a sharp understanding and appreciation of internal communication.’

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