This week in PR (6 October)

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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

The Shard @marcelkl on Instagram
The Shard @marcelkl on Instagram

News in brief

  • The issue of copy approval was brought to public attention when journalist Ginny Dougary claimed that interviewee Clare Balding demanded to make changes to an article for Saga magazine. Balding disputes this interpretation.
  • Lord Adonis claims he was asked to tone down his criticism of university vice chancellors’ pay in order to receive an honorary degree from Sheffield Hallam University. He declined – and went public with the university’s request.
  • More budget airline troubles with the collapse of Monarch. Author Mark Tungate discusses the problems facing the sector.


Pick of the posts

These are the editor’s pick of posts about public relations this week. Recommendations are welcome to

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Here’s our pick of the best posts by those studying public relations and/or aspiring to work in PR.

  • Ellie Tyrrell (Greenwich, 2): Anxiety (1 October)
    ‘Anxiety is an issue which seems to creep up on most people I meet in some form, particularly my female friends.’
  • Orlagh Shanks (Liverpool John Moores, 3): #PlacementYear: Month Three (1 October)
    Another pinch-me moment. I attended the launch party for London Fashion Week held by The Evening Standard.
  • Jason Ashford (Ulster, PG): Ribs, Bibs and Blackboards: In At the Deep End (3 October)
    ‘This blog isn’t about the joke itself but about how the company reacted and what I think they should have done.’
  • Rosie Heaton (Leeds Beckett, 3): The life of an intern – four months on(?!) (5 October)
    ‘I have developed a more compassionate and empathetic approach to people from all walks of life and a wider world view in general.’