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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

Spring? Where have you gone? Please come back, all is forgiven. #countryliving @markborkowski on Instagram
Spring? Where have you gone? Please come back, all is forgiven. #countryliving @markborkowski on Instagram

It happened this week

Ethics, sustainability and purpose 


Corporate and financial

  •  Fraser Schurer-Lewis: Inside out (6 April)
    ‘Investors are increasingly concentrating on non-financial metrics to assess a company’s suitability for support.  The conditions and well-being of your workforce have always been inextricably linked to performance.‘

Consulting, teams and careers


Wellbeing, gender and diversity

Public and third sectors

  • Darren Caveney: 6 big comms team challenges for spring 2021, and 6 resources and ideas to help tackle them (5 April)
    ‘As we enter the new reduced restrictions phases of Covid around the UK you might be planning a refresh to your comms strategy. One characteristic of public sector comms strategies last year was the move towards shorter, stripped back, more agile plans which allowed teams to deliver at times monstrous demands to support the pandemic.’

Politics, public affairs and public sphere

  • Charlotte Coulson: Wedding Bell Blues (8 April)
    ‘With around 1.27 million weddings per year, the industry is worth an estimated £14.7bn to the UK economy. Approximately 250,000 people work in areas directly related to delivering a wedding celebration on the day itself, with an additional 150,000 working in supporting areas (wedding retail, accommodation, pre-wedding events etc.).’
  • Sara Neidle: Holocaust Remembrance Day – a time to remember, educate and act (7 April)
    ‘We stood inside a gas chamber and sang Hebrew psalms. As difficult as it was to see with my own eyes, I went there to honour those who were brutally murdered and those who survived the Holocaust. Words cannot describe the inhumanity.’
  • Imogen Shaw: Could the Government be headed for a defeat over ‘COVID passports’? (6 April)
    ‘The Government’s major issue here is that the proposal, as civil liberties debates are wont to do, has managed to unite against it a range of political actors whose concerns rarely overlap.’
  • Jamie Williams: Make or break – the IMF’s challenge this spring (6 April)
    ‘Established in 1945 at Bretton Woods, the IMF had sought to save the global economy from the brink. John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White set out to fight back against the tide of protectionism as many countries had sharply raised barriers to trade in an attempt to improve their failing economies following the Great Depression and the Second World War.’

Risk, crisis and reputation

  • Amanda Coleman: It’s a risky business (8 April)
    ‘Nothing is 100 per cent safe and that is just something we have to accept.’

Brands, storytelling, and influence

  • Jessica Pardoe: How Liable Are Influencers For ‘Hacks’ Gone Wrong? (8 April)
    ‘With great power though, comes great responsibility. Influence isn’t always positive, and that’s what I wanted to talk about today.’
  • Scott Guthrie: Charlotte Williams talks influencer pricing [podcast] (8 April)
    ‘If you are a person of colour and have a darker skin tone, you aren’t being paid appropriately because of that. These numbers are so wrong. We created the report to see what people are charging.’

Planning, insight, measurement and evaluation

Internal communication

  • Rachel Miller: How to prove the value of internal communication [podcast] (4 April)
    ‘If you have been asked to prove the value of internal communication in your organisation, make sure you know what you’re being asked…’
  • Victoria Ford: Audit Wales, a global pandemic and staying connected (1 April)
    ‘Dropping into an organisation to provide support always feels like a privilege.  You get insight into how the organisation works, you have access to brilliant and committed people and you get to share your expertise and learn new things in equal measures.’

Technology, media and digital

  • Stella Bayles with Andrew Smith: The truth about news site traffic [podcast] (6 April)
    ‘How many people really did see that specific story? That’s the number PR people have always wanted. SimilarWeb is the nearest you’ll get to this data.’
  • Jade Beddington: Press office PR case studies (6 April)
    ‘Here are some of our most recent examples of where we’ve combined press office PR with digital PR.’
  • Maja Pawinska Sims with Tilo Bonow: Podcast: How To Make The Most Of Clubhouse (6 April)
    ‘Clubhouse is an audio-based social network. It’s like tuning into a live podcast.’

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  • Megan Laura Harris (Liverpool John Moores): Get to Know Me: 15 Questions (8 April)
    ‘A big goal that I have is to have my own PR agency. I really want to get to a level in my career where I can open up my own business whilst loving the work that I do.’
  • Piotr Boiwka (Newcastle): Ad fraud plague and its influence on marketing measurement (8 April)
    ‘P&G, Unilever, and Uber have cut their digital advertising budgets by hundreds of millions of dollars and didn’t notice any negative change. Facebook deleted 1.3 billion fake accounts. This is the scale of the ad fraud, and it is still growing.’

  • Sophie Smith (Newcastle): The PR Students Experience: Nathan Bickerton (8 April)
    ‘His favourite modules included Change Management which entailed planning an office move and helping employees out with the change.’
  • Katie Hull (Sunderland): Conquering the PR industry (8 April)
    ‘I have a platform, and I will use my voice to express an opinion. Be honest and authentic about everything you post, and the most important is to be professional and be YOU.’
  • Ellen Turbett (Ulster): From Global Pop Star to Public Relations Practitioner… CAREER GOALS (8 April)
    The PR industry is adaptable to change, making it extremely valuable at present as we plan to rectify the damage that COVID-19 has left behind.’
  • Rachael Thompson (Sunderland): A conversation with… Jessica Pardoe (3 April)
    ‘It was important for me to have a blog to help build my personal brand and showcase some of my relevant skills, now that I’m in a stable job that I love, my blog is more about sharing my opinions and hopefully providing useful content for likeminded people in the industry.’
  • Ste Linsley (Sunderland): The Word on PR in Season Ticket Renewal Campaigns; A Review of the 2021/22 Period So Far (1 April)
    ‘Sunderland’s comms team have had a simpler task than many in driving season ticket sales, given the club’s new ownership, excellent performance on the pitch and the prospect of playing in a higher division when 2021/22 campaign kicks off in August.’