Measurement and Evaluation

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Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to work more strategically and to prove the value of PR.

Grounded in professional practice, this training course covers essential points about measurement principles, tools, and methods.

Learn how to apply measurement and evaluation tools such as the Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) Integrated Evaluation Framework and Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3).

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Who is this course for?

Specialists. You may be a media intelligence professional working in a media intelligence firm and want to learn more about how to apply traditional and contemporary thinking and techniques to the monitoring and evaluation of social media, internal communications, and traditional media

PR practitioners. You may be a PR professional looking to work more strategically by better understanding the value of analytics and insights. You want to measure the success of your PR activity.

Research. You want to know more about research and the relationship between measurement and evaluation.

Flexible learning. You want to be able to study at a time and pace that works for you.

Learning outcomes

The AMEC International Certificate in Measurement and Evaluation introduces the history and principles of communications evaluation, including social media evaluation.

Build a toolbox of appropriate metrics. Understand those aspects of statistics relevant to communications measurement and evaluation. Know the five stages of data analysis: data preparation (code and catalogue), exploring the data (correlations and themes), analysing the data (statistical tests and concepts), presenting the data (visuals and written findings) and validation (benchmarks and triangulation).

Apply traditional and contemporary thinking and techniques to the monitoring and evaluation of social media, internal communications, and traditional media.

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“Learning and teaching have never not been important. Today, it’s critical we realise that we’re learning (and teaching) all our lives. Communication makes us who we are – as human beings, as citizens, as practitioners. So it’s just as well that we aim to understand it a little better every day. That’s why I’m here.”


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It’s forced us to think differently about how we report on success, and push much harder to set measurable targets from the outset that tell us when we’ve achieved it.


Lee Cullen, Director at No Brainer

Your questions answered

The quick answer is no. There are lots of advantages to being a member of a professional body though so if you aren't already, think about joining.
At PR Academy we have been teaching online since we started in 2007. We have a specially designed online learning centre - we don't just put you on Teams! Our teaching is delivered through a mix of on-demand content, guided reading, live workshop sessions (usually recorded for later playback) plus tutor support. We have an online library that we have curated specially for our courses. Some courses offer individual tutorials that can be booked and the opportunity to submit an assignment proposal for individual feedback.
Yes you can. All our courses are available online. Students study with us from all around the world. Our online courses are available around the clock and any live sessions are usually recorded for those in different time zones. Note that all teaching and assessments are in English.
We offer plenty of support. Many courses offer individual tutorials that can be booked. The course leader is easily contactable and there is always someone in the office who can help with day to day queries.
They aren't heavily academic. We still discuss theory because that’s what makes us better practitioners, but we show how to apply it in practice. We call it applied learning. The assignments are mostly in the style of business writing rather than academic essays or dissertations.
Most of the courses give you a maximum time to complete - usually one or two years, so there is plenty of flexibility. If you want to extend beyond this, then it is usually the decision of the awarding body (e.g. the CIPR)

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