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Studying for the CIPR Professional PR Certificate is a great way to develop your skills or gain a solid introduction to public relations. Learn how to think in a more planned and focused way. Discover how communication works and learn about content curation.

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Our course includes live online sessions, tutorials and individual feedback on assignment topics.

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Assignments: 3

Study at your own pace

Approximately 10 months

Payment options: instalments available

Study Support Package

Live interactive online workshops

One to one tutorials

Online library with all the books you need

Individual feedback on your assignment ideas

Study Hub: our bespoke online learning centre

Networking via our LinkedIn group

Easy tutor contact

Pay monthly

Initial fee: £645 (incl. VAT)

10 monthly instalments: £150 (incl. VAT)

A one-off initial fee is taken when you enrol. Instalments are collected monthly from the date you enrolled.

How we calculate your fee

PR Academy tuition: £995 (+ VAT)

CIPR fees: £951 (no VAT)

Total: £1,946 (+VAT)

VAT is calculated upon enrolment and is dependent on your location and situation.
VAT inclusive fee is £2,145

Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and more

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+ VAT & CIPR assessment

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£995+VAT & CIPR assessment fee

Who is this course for?

Early career. This online CIPR Professional Public Relations Certificate course is right for you if you have a degree and want to get into PR, or you may be early in your PR career and keen to get a qualification.

Career boost. Become a more confident communicator with the skills to take your practice to the next level. Demonstrate your ability to plan and measure what you do.

Flexible learning. You want to be able to study at a time and place that works for you.

Learning outcomes

Come away from the course a more critical thinker, equipped to ask the killer questions that will gain you the respect of clients/colleagues and deliver winning campaigns.

Learn the theory that underpins effective PR practice. Research and develop PR plans, create content that helps an organisation to tell a story, change attitudes and influence behaviours. Measure the impact of communication activities.

Apply what you learn. Be assessed on real life or work related projects which is great for employers, showing the practical relevance of the course.

Reviews from our graduates

Discover how our courses work

Ann Pilkington, co-founder of PR Academy explains how our courses work, demonstrates our Study Hub and explains the resources and support you will receive. Also hear from members of the PR Academy alumni.

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  • Assignment details
  • Reasons to study
CIPR Professional PR Certificate Course Brochure

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Meet your course leader Maud Davis

“I feel very lucky because I live in London and love what I do. I meet lots of bright people through PR Academy – many of them rising stars and I am always learning.”

Meet Maud

Hear from others

Find out what it’s like to study with PR Academy.

Learning about theory and strategy completely changed the way I understood PR and helped me to begin to measure the work that my team and I were doing. Tailoring the work throughout the course to our own companies meant that the qualification was not just valuable in principle but in practice too.

Caitlin Burridge

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Your questions answered

It's great news that your employer is investing in your development. The first thing to do is get a purchase order - you will need it when you enrol. This is really important as without it we aren't able to raise an invoice. Alternatively, you can pay using a company credit or debit card at checkout - that's probably the easiest way. The second thing is to allow plenty of time! We need payment before you can join the course and we know that sometimes company's payment processes can take a while. So act now to get it all sorted in time. If you need any help or advice, just give us a call.
You can start the course at a time that's right for you. You have access to the course for two years and can decide how quickly you want to complete it. The CIPR exam board meets four times a year and this is when you can submit your work (usually January, March, July and October). We recommend submitting one assignment at a time which means it takes about ten months (there are three assignments to do) but you can complete it more quickly if you want to.  
We offer plenty of support. Some courses offer individual tutorials that can be booked. The course leader is easily contactable and there is always someone in the office who can help with day to day queries.
For CIPR courses, your course fee is a combination of the PR Academy tuition fee and the CIPR awarding body and registration fee. PR Academy provides all your tuition plus an online learning centre with books and resources and marks your work. You don’t really need to buy any books as most resources are online, but you can of course purchase books if you like and we can help you to decide what to buy.
At PR Academy we have been teaching online since we started in 2007. We have a specially designed online learning centre - we don't just put you on Teams! Our teaching is delivered through a mix of on-demand content, guided reading, live workshop sessions (usually recorded for later playback) plus tutor support. We have an online library that we have curated specially for our courses. Some courses offer individual tutorials that can be booked and the opportunity to submit an assignment proposal for individual feedback.
There may be funding available in your area, so it is always a good idea to do some research as there may be schemes that we aren’t aware of. The CIPR occasionally has funding schemes and we'll update here when the next one is announced.

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