Guide to Stakeholder identification and mapping

About the author

Richard Bailey FCIPR MPRCA is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.


Mastery of public relations and communication suggests a knowledge of the groups we want to develop relationships with.

Our Guide to Stakeholder Identification and Mapping explains the terminology – publics, stakeholders, constituencies, communities – and explores some approaches and tools for identifying and understanding these groups.

Practitioners should know what they want from relationships with stakeholders: whether it’s to make them aware of something; to get them to change their attitude, or to change their behaviour. Each will suggest different approaches to communication.

But do we know what stakeholders want from a relationship with the organisation, campaign or cause?

Stakeholder identification and segmentation is an essential step in any public relations campaign or programme and our guide presents the six steps to stakeholder identification and mapping.

Download: Guide to Stakeholder Identification & Mapping

The guide will help you to:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Prioritise stakeholder groups
  • Decide the best strategy for engagement.
Guide to Stakeholder Identification and Mapping

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