This week in PR (11 November)

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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.


It happened this week

Purpose, climate and ESG

  • Emily Church: COP27 Daily Insights – Day 5: Science and Youth & Future Generations Day (10 November)
    ‘If you assumed that stakeholders representing the voice of future generations – in other words children, adolescents, very young adults and those who have not yet been born – were already well represented at COP events, you would be wrong.’
  • Lucy Walton: Actions Speak Louder (no date)
    ‘Increasing attention on greenwashing has made many nervous to communicate environmental issues.  But ‘greenhushing’, where companies disclose targets with little further insight, is just as counterproductive to transparency.’
  • Andrew Adie: COP27 Daily Insights – Day 3: Loss, anger and greenwash (8 November)
    ‘After a year of extreme weather, an energy crisis and huge geopolitical tensions, the abiding tone that has emerged so far from COP27 is anger.’

Consulting, skills and careers

  • Kirsty Hall: The six degrees of Public Relations (10 November)
    ‘Sat in a room of talented PR people using industry lingo I didn’t yet understand I thought to myself, what’s my degree got to do with PR anyway? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot actually.’

Gender, diversity and wellbeing

Public and third sectors

  • Emily Taylor: Why we took the decision to close comments on social media (9 November)
    ‘We have had a series of events in our town which have brought with them a high level of trolling and abuse (often deeply personal) on our social media accounts. Initially, we tried to leave comments open but found ourselves spending a large amount of our time monitoring and deleting comments.’

Politics, public affairs and public sphere

Research, data, measurement and evaluation

  • Stella Bayles with Johna Burke: Getting the most from AMEC Measurement Month 2022 [podcast] (4 November)
    ‘A couple of free AMEC resources that people may be aware of are the Barcelona Principles (a foundation for putting forward a programme that can be measured) and the Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF).’

Crisis, risk and reputation

  • Emma Drake: Odd couples: PR and Culture [podcast] (9 November)
    ‘We need to point out the potential risks to reputational damage if the content being produced does not align with the real life operation of the business.’
  • Amanda Coleman: When crises attack (6 November)
    ‘Effective decision making is critical to managing issues and incidents and yet it is often overlooked. If there was a consideration of the aftermath of the decisions made it may not have [been] taken into account, the cumulative impact of these decisions is damaging.’

Internal communication

Media, digital and technology

  • Tom Flynn: Confusion reigns as Musk tries to fix Twitter’s blue ticks (10 November)
    ‘Chaos continues to reign at Twitter and will do for some time. One investor who backed Musk’s bid for the platform said that he expects about ten percent of the entrepreneur’s ideas to ‘stick’ with the rest being abandoned quickly if not successful.’
  • George Hutchinson: Social Media: The Interpersonal Cold War, Us and Them (9 November)
    ‘Today, with the advent of social media that is curated and driven by algorithms that identify the loudest voices, we too often find ourselves taken to the extreme of our views by the communities we belong to.’

Academic, education and training

#prstudent #CreatorAwards23

    • Chloe Rose (Sunderland): Puma’s Period Progression (9 November)
      ‘A move such as this is definitely a sign of progression within the women’s game. The issue of periods in sport has been something women have been highlighting for a long time.’
    • Charlotte Smith (Leeds Beckett):
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  • Jazz Denike (LCC/UAL):
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