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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.


  • Jill Spurr: The only way is ethics (1 February)
    ‘We can deliver the most complex and challenging messages with style, creativity and impact; we can effect life-saving behaviour change, we can speak truth to power… but we can’t consistently portray our own sector so that people understand we are ethical, well-trained, honourable, skilled.’
  • Stephen Waddington: Owning public relations as a management discipline (1 February)
    ‘Public relations makes use of communication to understand, engage and influence relationships and the behaviour of individuals. The outcome is trust, reputation, and behaviour change.’
  • Stuart Bruce: Edelman Trust Barometer 2023 upsets the PR Twitterati (29 January)
    There is nothing intrinsically wrong, immoral, unethical or hypocritical in working for industries or governments that some people disagree with. It’s only wrong if the work done by the firm is unethical by seeking to lie or mislead.’

Purpose, climate and ESG

Gender, diversity and wellbeing


  • Martin Flegg: Fed up at 50 (31 January)
    ‘If you have a DEI communications strategy or plan in your organisation, does it sufficiently cover age as a characteristic and issue, as well as everything else. If not, why not?

Public and third sectors

Politics, public affairs and public sphere

  • Harry Brown: One Hundred Days of Rishi (2 February)
    ‘What have we learnt from the first hundred days that Sunak has been in power, and what are the PM’s plans for turning the country and the government’s fortunes around?’
  • Charlie Rattigan: IMF predicts rainy days ahead (31 January)
    ‘Interestingly, the IMF report makes no mention of Brexit, however the FT have pointed to the fact that post-Brexit labour shortages following the pandemic have meant the UK has trailed behind other European countries, who are seeing an increase in people seeking work. This gives added weight to the Brexit impact argument.’
  • Sabine Tyldesley, Dafydd Rees and Fraser Raleigh: TradeTuesday: Brexit three years on (31 January)
    ‘Three years on from the moment the UK officially left the EU, and more than six years since the referendum vote itself, Britain’s financial and business communities are surprisingly still not released from the ties that once bound the UK to the EU.’
  • Stuart Thomson: What Is The Role Of Public Affairs In An Organisation? (31 January)
    ‘In the case of the Deloitte report, their findings show that the purpose or mission of the corporate affairs function is categorised in one of three ways – reputationally focused, as a strategic storyteller, or growth focused.’

Research, data, measurement and evaluation

  • Paul Stollery: Hear me out: PR *should* guarantee media coverage (2 February)
    ‘This seems to be a very controversial topic and I’m really not sure why. In other disciplines, marketing professionals are happy to track and commit to outputs in the full understanding that nuance is required when reviewing them.’

Crisis, risk and reputation

Behaviour and influence

Internal communication

  • Liam Firtpatrick: What makes a good communication practitioner? (31 January)
    ‘You won’t hold the confidence and ears of the big cheeses for long if you can’t write, project manage or make the slides work. Your advice might be sharp and insightful, but it’s useless if your stakeholder if talking to someone else about logistics for their All Hands meeting.’

Media, digital and technology

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