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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

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Consulting, skills and careers


  • Emma Drake: Skills & Themes for your 2023 Comms Strategy [podcast] (8 December)
    ‘We need to adapt our skills to keep ahead of the curve. One [trend] is the growth of digital media; the other is the need for authenticity.’
  • Chris Simmance with Jim Hawker: And we have an Office Dog! [podcast] (7 December)
    We describe ourselves as a brand performance agency: a PR agency merging with a performance marketing agency, acquiring a creative and then an SEO agency.’
  • Hoffman Europe: Unconventional paths to PR: How did we all get here? (part 2) (5 December)
    ‘The bustling world of public relations and communications is filled with people from all walks of life. While some of us pursued degrees in PR or journalism, many stumbled upon the industry from something vastly different: from accounting, history, law, to other creative backgrounds.’

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Crisis, risk and reputation

Internal communication

  • Antonia Welch: How to write a Christmas message to staff (7 December)
    ‘Many organisations might not have bothered with an official Christmas message in the past, but this year it really could be worth putting in the effort. As with all internal communications, it’s crucial to strike the right note (or risk doing more harm than good). It’s not always easy to start with a blank sheet of paper so, here is my guide to writing that end of year message.’
  • Calm Edged Rebels: Where does culture sit? [podcast] (2 December)
    ‘The responsibility for culture is often given to the HR team. But is it a role HR should be responsible for? Communication is the tangible representation of culture.’

Media, digital and technology

Academic, education and training

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This section is open to any UK-based public relations student (or indeed, any UK-based student seeking a career in public relations). This week it’s dominated by Sunderland students; others are welcome too. Tag your shareable content with #prstudent and I’ll consider it for inclusion here.

  • Chloe Rose (Sunderland): My Top 5 Favourite Christmas Campaigns (8 December)
    ‘TK Maxx have gone down a different route to other campaigns this year, and attempted to position themselves as THE go to place for low-cost but high quality gifts amid the UK’s cost of living crisis.’
  • Bianca Stoica (Sunderland): Let’s talk CSR and CSI. (2 December)
    ‘When you analyze the company from a CSI (Corporate Social Irresponsibility) perspective, you realize Nestle uses palm oil in almost every product it produces!’