This week in PR (11 August)

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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.



  • Simon Monger: SCMP, three years later – what difference has it made? (4 August)
    As an internal communication and change consultant, I’m regularly having to market myself to potential clients. I can say with confidence – and concrete evidence – that having the SCMP® has won me work, especially when combined with my Presidency of the UK & Ireland chapter of the IABC.’

Purpose, climate and ESG


  • Frankie Oliver and John Harrington with Zoe Cohen: ‘We’re not trying to be popular’ – Behind Just Stop Oil’s comms strategy, PRWeek podcast (9 August|)
    ‘The campaign Just Stop Oil was launched on Valentine’s Day last year with the clear and sole demand that the UK government ends all new licensing consents for oil, gas and coal in the UK. The campaign is led by a small group of people working on a shoestring. We’re not trying to be popular. We’re not trying to be elected. We have a moral duty to get the greatest threat to humanity in the media daily.’

Consulting, skills and careers

  • Roxanne Kingsman: What PR Pros need to know about working with startups (no date)
    ‘PR for startups is a particular craft, the results of which are almost tangibly felt as the impact of media coverage on growth for companies at an earlier stage is more immediately evident than with larger enterprises. Press coverage helps to build the brand, establish the founder’s credibility in the sector, and attract the attention of investors to drive the next fundraising round.’

Gender, diversity, health and wellbeing

Public and third sectors

  • Darren Caveney: The power of the comms strategy and the 80/20 rule (10 August)
    ‘In the Tower Hamlets strategy each campaign is graded as Gold, Silver or Bronze so that it’s clear what level of time and resource will be given over to them and this really helps to manage internal expectations.’
  • Dave Worsell: Hello epictetus (10 August)
    ‘Communication pros often focus on delivering messages, but not enough time is spent on understanding how those messages are received and understood. It’s a subtle yet crucial point.’

Politics, public affairs and public sphere


  • Connor Whittam and Emmen Ackrim: Starmer, Wilson and Labour’s Policy Battles (7 August)
    ‘Here, we break down three key groups Starmer will have to keep on the Labour Party stagecoach: the Parliamentary Party, the Liberal Democrats, and the Trade Unions. Respectively, we’ll do so via three policy areas where there is notable potential divergence: China relations, EU membership, and employment reform.’

Brands, content, community and creativity

  • Rebecca Jabbar with Alex Francis, Stephen Cheliotis and Sabrina Rossetti: What’s the value of brand? [podcast] (7 August)
    ‘Brands are emotive and they live in the hearts and minds of the recipient. It’s our job as marketers to have a very clear articulation of our brand and to try to act and behave according to our brand purpose and principles and values and personality.’

Crisis, risk and reputation


  • Amanda Coleman: Be ready for the cyber threat (9 August)
    It is clearly a worrying time for many police officers in Northern Ireland and I am sure there will be lots of work underway to look at what can be done to try and minimise the damage. But once information is out on the internet it is almost impossible to retrieve it in any meaningful way. PR and communication professionals have to be ready to tackle this ever present threat.’
  • Eva Maclaine: Crises, chaos and calm – maintaining untarnished reputations (5 August)
    ‘Professional conversations all too frequently revolve around reputation management but the focus should actually be on integrity, true values, strong leadership and solid purpose.’

Behaviour and influence

  • Kasturi Girme: The Dangers of Debating Disinformation (10 August)
    ‘We have come to know that debunking misinformation requires a careful and nuanced approach in the battle against falsehoods, with hidden risks to addressing false claims directly thanks to the continued niche media shaping of public discourse.’

Internal communication

Internal Communication Diploma

Media, digital and technology


  • Ben Smith with Alex Williamson: Rajars results for Q2 2023 [podcast] (8 August)
    ‘There’s still 49.5 million of us adults listening to radio every single week – 88% of the adult population. The gap has widened between commercial radio and the BBC.’
  • Ruby Tyson: The SEC Newgate AI Weekly (8 August)
    News on tech companies laying off staff doesn’t help the cause with tech giants, Meta, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon investing mass sums of money into AI servers over employee wages. In particular, Microsoft are currently working on an AI-enabled Office365, and if reports are accurate, suggest that the majority of the company is now invested in AI initiatives.

Academic, education and training

  • Stephen Waddington: Building a second brain using AI and automation (10 August)
    These tools act as a superpower enabling me to keep track of multiple concepts and sources. They will almost certainly become mainstream integrations into DropBox, Google and Microsoft cloud solutions within 18 months.’