This week in PR (26 January)

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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.


It happened this week

Profession and ethics

  • Farzana Baduel with Tom Mayne: PR’s kleptocracy problem

    (23 January)
    ‘My mission is to inform people about the dangers and risks of grand corruption – kleptocracy – and how we in the UK may feel we’re removed from this, but our actions can facilitate the corruption we see overseas.’

Business and finance

  • Molly Gretton: Shareholder activism in the UK markets (23 January)
    The UK’s appeal to activist investors can be attributed to firstly, having more listed companies than other European markets and secondly, more open share registers.’

Purpose, climate and ESG


Consulting, skills and careers

Gender, diversity, health and wellbeing

  • Priscilla Chun: Navigating multicultural leadership (no date)
    ‘Now, I’m not here to say one leadership culture is superior to another, nor am I saying all leaders from one culture share identical behaviours and thoughts. There are distinct features between leadership styles across cultures and I believe it’s possible for them to converge, paving the way for a well-rounded one independent of cultural boundaries.’

Public and third sectors

  • John-Paul Danon: Hope and positivity from being together (25 January)
    ‘On a chilly Friday in early January, communicators from a range of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire organisations came together to look forward. District, county and city councils, colleges and universities, care partnerships, tourism, fire, police, and the NHS all took part.’

Politics, public affairs and public sphere


Research, data, measurement and evaluation


  • Doug Downs with Anne Gregory: Challenging the Status Quo in PR Metrics [podcast] (21 January)
    ‘When we set objectives it’s always to benefit the organisation – but I think that’s ethically questionable and pragmatically I’m not sure it achieves what public relations is all about. I think we need to adjust our models for the modern age. Public relations is about securing legitimacy and we don’t do that by persuading people.’

Crisis, risk and reputation


  • PRovoke Media: Crisis Review: The Top 21 Crises Of 2023 (Part 3 Of 3) (23 January)
    ‘Corporate communicators know better than most that the rise of ESG as a business imperative is proving to be a reputational minefield, in which companies are having to carefully tread the line of underlining their sustainability credentials while avoiding the very real risk that they will be accused of greenwashing.’

Internal communication 


Media, digital and technology