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Kevin is the other half of the husband and wife team behind PR Academy. Along with Ann Pilkington, he set up the business in 2007. After a career in BT that spanned customer service, community engagement and internal communication, he developed his special interest in internal comms and employee engagement. He saw the need for a qualification in this topic and initiated and developed both the internal comms certificate and diploma courses for the CIPR. He also leads our CIPR Internal Communication Diploma course.

An exploration into how organisations listen to employees


The ‘Who’s Listening?’ research explores how organisations listen to employees. It is the culmination of four years of research by Howard Krais, Mike Pounsford and Dr Kevin Ruck. The research is an essential read for anyone interested in improving listening inside their organisation.

Discover the research findings in the four illuminating reports focusing on different aspects of organisational listening.

The research suggests a prevailing mindset that sees communication as primarily a process for getting messages across rather than as a process for building trust and collaboration.

Download the individual reports for actionable insights to overcome this mindset and access the benefits of effective listening in your organisation.

The research aims to:

  • Generate insights into how and why we listen in organisations
  • Challenge thinking and enrich understanding of how organisations can listen more effectively
  • Provide practical hints and tips on how to improve listening


A new leadership book that explores the theme of listening in more dpeth by our Dr Kevin Ruck, Mike Pounsford and Howard Krais:

“Leading the Listening Organisation: Creating Organisations that Flourish”


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Who's Listening Report 1

1. Who’s Listening? – How organisations listen to employees

There are many benefits from effective listening to employees, such as competitive advantage, engagement, advocacy, trust, innovation, resilience, learning and well-being.

This report explores listening within organisations and what you can do to improve it.

2. Who’s Listening? – Good listening practice

As we adapted to the ‘new normal’ in 2020 during lockdowns, listening became more important than ever.

This second ‘Who’s Listening?’ report includes case studies, a set of revised good practice principles and a review of a wide range of tools for listening.

Who's Listening Report 2
Who's listening? report 3

3. Who’s Listening? – From measurement to meaning

This report reveals new insights into a wide range of benefits that come from listening and the best approach to take.

Find out how listening is associated with a wide range of organisational benefits including the generation of good ideas on how to work effectively – download your copy of the report today!

4. Who’s Listening? – The critical role of senior leaders

In this report, we look at the listening skills of senior leaders. Find out why effective listening is more important than ever and learn the qualities displayed by leaders in great listening organisations.

Understand what you can do to improve listening in your organisation how to put the research findings into practice.

Who's Listening? Report 4

Bring the reports to life with the ‘Who’s Listening?’ webinars.

Hear first hand from researchers Howard Krais, Mike Pounsford and Dr Kevin Ruck about the importance of listening and how you can implement best practice in your organisation.

Who’s Listening? The critical role of senior leaders



Who’s Listening? From measurement to meaning


Who’s Listening? How organisations listen to employees

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