New CIPR qualifications help you stand out from the crowd

About the author

Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

This week the Chartered Institute of Public Relations launched its new look qualifications, following the successful launch of the new Professional PR Diploma last year.

The same thinking and consultation with practitioners and employers that went into the new Diploma has influenced the rest of the CIPR suite of qualifications.

So what’s different?  Well there are four key things you will notice (listicle alert!!):

  • Theories, concepts and models are more applied. There is the same rigour as before but the focus is more practical than academic.
  • Updated for the modern media landscape. The new syllabi reflect the environment in which practitioners are now working.
  • Focus on reflection. We think that reflecting on practice is what makes us better practitioners.
  • Assessments test application of theory, models and concepts to practice. Students will be applying what they are learning as they go.

Kevin Ruck, director of PR Academy and course leader for the specialist diploma in internal communication said:

“A qualification helps you stand out from the crowd.  A major recruiter told me recently that he could tell which candidates held a qualification. I believe this is because studying for a qualification results in a deep level of learning as you apply what you learn as you go and reflect on it over a period of time.

“Ethics is embedded in the syllabi of course but one thing that isn’t often considered in a conversations about ethics is that it starts with evidence based practice.  It’s why we put so much emphasis on evidence in our teaching.”

Speaking at the launch event, CIPR President Jason MacKenzie, who holds the CIPR PR Diploma, called on practitioners and employers to “invest in the future of our industry by investing in lifelong learning”.  He continued: “Through qualifications we are building a professional and ethical group of practitioners.”

Also speaking at the event, Steve Falla, Managing Director of Orchard PR said that as an employer, he liked the look of the new qualifications. He told the room: “Properly qualified staff can mean a happy and fulfilled team and that’s good for the bottom line.”

The full range of new look CIPR qualifications offered by PR Academy is: