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Understand the essentials of project management, its methodology and terminology. Be able to apply project management methodology to your own communications planning.

Our own research tells us that project management is a key skill for communicators, but that it is also often a skills gap. So we have put together an introductory course in project management especially for you.

The course will help you understand the nature of projects and how they differ from business as usual. We will talk about planning and critical paths, how to budget and keep the scope of the project under control.

The course is taught online and lasts about six weeks. It follows the syllabus for the Association for Project Management (APM) Fundamentals Qualification, which means you can take a short exam leading to the award of that qualification (an APM exam fee applies).

Further information:

£660 including VAT (excludes exam fee)

If you wish to take the exam and be awarded the APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management: the APM Fundamentals Qualification, there is also an exam fee of £145 plus VAT.

What's included?

Access to our online learning centre with discussion forums, links to resources, podcasts and exercises.

If you study online there is lots of tutor support. There are live webinars run by experienced tutor/practitioners with the opportunity for lots of interaction, which are also recorded for later playback. There are regular, lively online discussions about contemporary practice. Our online learning centre makes virtual networking with other practitioners possible too. Unlike lots of online learning your tutor is with you all the way – you aren’t left on your own to work through lots of static content. Your tutor will be keeping in touch and encouraging you all the way.

Right for you?

This course is for all communicators without a qualification in – or little or no experience of – project management.

You may be an experienced communicator working on projects or simply juggling competing communication priorities and looking for a way to bring order to apparent chaos. Either way, this course can help.

We offer a range of communication courses accredited by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the University of Chester.

You may like to consider the CIPR Professional PR Diploma or our University of Chester Post Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communication.

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